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What is is a marketplace which connects travellers and bus operators by creating Wander Pass.
What is Wander Pass?

Hop-on Hop-off Wander Pass is the combination of multiple bus tickets combined into one pass.

How can I find Wander Pass in my preferred location?

Choose your region from the drop-down menu from the home page or you type it on the search bar upper header of the page and you will be able to see all available Wander Passes from your selected region.

How do I book a Wander Pass?

Once you have selected your journey dates and number of persons, click Add to Cart to proceed with personal and payment details. Most Wander Passes can be booked and confirmed instantly. Some routes may require a prior response from the bus operators, in such cases, we have 24 hours to confirm the booking. If we accept the request, the booking will be confirmed and tickets will be delivered. Should we decline the request or it expires the confirmation time, the booking will be considered as cancelled and the full payment will be refunded to the original source.

Can I get additional information prior to booking?

Sure! Click on 'Ask A Question' button located at the bottom of every listing's page. Ask any questions or queries you may have. Once you are happy with the answers, you can proceed with the booking. Keeping in touch with us is quick and easy using the direct messaging system.

What if I sent a message but haven’t heard back?

We will usually respond to direct messages and reservation requests within 24 hours. If not, please email us on or contact us through any other method using 

Can I change/alter a booking that has already been confirmed?
We understand that plans may change sometimes. You can contact us via direct messaging system at all times to change your booking, subject to time and availability. In the case of changes for the particular route of your trip, we will offer you an alternative time slot or refund or decline the request. Please keep in mind that some routes may be governed by stricter cancellation policies.
How can I pay for my booking? How does process payments?
You can pay with your credit or debit card using PayPal. Your payment is processed securely using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools by PayPal. Please note, that we do not store your payment details.
How much do I pay for a reservation?

All prices are transparent and clearly marked on every listing. A full price will be shown once the journey dates and number of guests have been selected which will be non-negotiable.

Does charge any commission?

No, does not charge travellers for booking of their Wander Pass.

What is's cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy is pre-determined by us and is mentioned in the description of every experience listing.

What if the bus is late or get cancelled?

We've got your back! If one of your buses cancelled, the bus operator will try to accommodate you in the next available trip. If you are not happy with the option offered to you, we will refund you for that particular sector and you will be able to continue your trip from the next sector. Kindly send an email to letting us know what has happened. Please be prompt! It is in the best interest of all parties if refund requests are submitted within 24 hours of the commencement of the journey. We take the bus operator's reliability very seriously. Operators who exhibit a pattern of cancelling or not performing well will be removed from!

I have a question, which is not addressed here, now ?

No problem, send us an email directly to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.         

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